Digging for Lies e12

Episode Thirteen

- Walker is locked up in a cell across from Seax
- Cala is promoted to Senior Constable, and Delft to Acting Chief Inspector
- Cala is told by Delft that unless Walker takes the fall for the shooting of Saxby, then whoever is pulling the strings will put their own Chief Inspector and Senior Constable in
- Walker tells Seax that his promise still holds for 24 hours, and at the end of that time, here’s a new promise. Walker’s going to hunt him down and kill him.
- Sorvad and Cala clash about direction
- Monsters from the Hell Dimension attack the station house
- Walker gets a large chunk of memory from his previous life back. The one that ended in a cellar, and that knows something about Sorvad’s father
- Walker and Seax escape from the cells



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