Season 5 e3

Walker and Ilana have invited friends and colleagues, including Commissar Ciaphas Shae, to a housewarming dinner at Walker’s House.

All is not as it seems, however.

Walker and Shae believe that the Commissars are preparing to take over the city – with the help, perhaps, of King Aodhan himself, and are sounding out those with an interest to find out which side they will take in the coming civil war.

Shae arrived early and noted the defensibility of the house. Something that may be important in the coming months.

Present at the dinner:

  • Thames Grimsley
  • Stover Delft
  • Vince Gritting
  • Harkover Lee and his wife Melissa. Melissa let slip during the dinner that even the aristocracy were beginning to worry about the influence of the Commissars upon the city before Harkover quieted her.
  • The Tiffanies engaged Shae in conversation about their new-found love of ping pong. It seems that Tiffany Two may even have a wee crush on the Commissar, what with his tight uniform and everything…
  • Felix advised Shae to return to the Commissars if he wanted to work out what was really going on in the city.

Taking this perhaps more literally than Felix intended, Walker, Shae, and Ilana penetrated the Commissariat base in Flint, an old hotel. In the central courtyard of the hotel, at the dead of night, the two of them saw Commissars preparing for battle – and armed with flamethrowers.

Shae bluffed his way into Commissar Sorcha’s office where he found in the safe paperwork pointing to a secret installation in the docks – the Blackstone Warehouse.

The next night, Shae and Walker used Felix to place a whispercall with Calaqueia Ravenhorn, they established that the warehouse had been guarded by the Commissars.

The three of them snuck into the warehouse and found it filled with wooden crates, each larger than a person. Further observation showed a poison system on the ceiling and a control room at the far end which would allow poison to be released onto the main floor of the warehouse at the pull of a switch…

Then two members of the Mage Conspiracy walked towards them, flanked by a Commissar. Thanking the Commissar, the two of them left, by entering one of the boxes.

Each box contains a Teleportation Circle.

Walker challenged the Commissars in the control room, and accused them of running unlicensed teleportation circles within the city, a criminal offence. Shae, also, had no knowledge of the construction of the circles.

In return the Commissar said that the King had authorised the creation of the circles, and here was the paperwork to prove it.

Walker “accidentally” dropped the paperwork into a gas flame, and placed the Commissar under arrest.

The Commissar drew his gun and prepared to attack…



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