Season 5 episode 8

Walker and Commissar Ciaphas Shae teleported aboard the RNS Affirmative, where they managed to get out of the Goblin Steel Cage surrounding the Teleportation Circle before the lethal countermeasures – a fireball activating two minutes after weapon fire within the cage – kicked in.

Walker resolved to get his own key cut.

Calaqueia Ravenhorn met with that minotaur she likes and shared the list of high-ranking Berian officials with her, and told her that she believed it to be the precursor to a coup. that minotaur she likes told Cala that the sigils listed next to her own teleportation circle were incorrect, so she wasn’t worried – but that nevertheless she would take extra precautions.

Walker, Shae, and Izabelle went to track Pemberton, visiting the pub which was his base of operations. However, the pub had been destroyed in a blaze of fire, and several bodies were found, torn to shreds by something that Walker has seen before.

It seems that another dragon has been summoned to the world from Nem.

After a night’s sleep, the team make their way to a warehouse owned by Fresia Blackstone one of the four archmages where Jocond Redscale is being held. Also there – unseen by Walker, Shae, and Isabelle – is Quintel. Mary-Margaret and Izabelle attempt an arrest as he leaves, but he easily outfights them.

Freeing Jocond, the team are spotted by Fresia Blackstone. After a battle, they arrest him.



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