The Dying Skyseer e3

Episode three

After speaking with Nilasa Hume through a spirit medium, the RHC discovered that Julian LeBrix shot Nilasa after she was impaled on the fence surrounding the Danoron Consult. Also, that a wage clerk, Cillian Creed caused the damages to her face which were healed shortly afterwards.

The RHC also learned that the last person to speak to her before she died was Professor Wolfgang von Rechlinson. They traced the Professor to his hotel, but there the trail went cold. Calaqueia Ravenhorn was able to recruit an informant who was working for crimelord Laurence Kell.

The RHC then proceeded to arrest Julian LeBrix. Christian also arrested Cillian Creed on suspicion that he knew more than he was letting on. Cillian Creed claimed to have no knowledge of harming Nilasa Hume in the events leading up to her death. He claimed to have been out drinking on the eve of the murder and has no recollection of what happened.

Calaqueia Ravenhorn went to meet her uncle Braska Ravenhorn in a fashionable Berian restaurant. There she received the alarming news that a marriage had been arranged between herself and Reva Cleavesong. The date was set as one year from now.

Walker visited the Thinking Man’s Tavern, where he engaged in a conversation with one of the peripatetic philosophers there about qualia and the nature of shared reality. This conversation led to the philosopher passing on information about two known associates of Nilasa Hume, and the address of where a deal was supposed to go down.

The team broke into said address in the middle of the night and found a large supply of fey pepper and other illegal alchemical materials, including 20 vials of a strange liquid that when Gladness Malach tasted a small drop of, it suddenly made him want to visit a pub.

After securing a warrant the team searched the premises early the next morning. A battle ensued and the two gnome shop owners, Mr and Mrs Wareyes, were taken back to the RHC for questioning.

After questioning the shop owners the team found out that all of the supplies were part of a huge deal to be arranged in the near future.

Calaqueia Ravenhorn’s informant told her that Lorcan Kell was willing to sell the location of Professor Wolfgang von Recklinghausen for the price of 1000 gold pieces. Visiting Kell at a theatre, the money was handed over and the location supplied – a disused church in the Nettles. The RHC hurried there to find Prof Rechlinson, who was initially unwilling to trust them. The party members all displayed their badges, which caused him to change his mind.

The Professor informed them of a threat to the safety and wellbeing of the world – Witch Oil, a source of enormous energy, and also a potentially devastating weapon. The Witch Oil is formed by the consumed souls of sentient beings.

The RHC was about to leave with the professor when they were waylaid in the church by The Wine Drinking Man and his cronies. A battle ensued, and a standoff, during which Cala’s sister Nimrath Ravenhorn was brought forward as a hostage. Christian escaped with the professor and the situation was resolved without loss of life.

The RHC returned to confront Julian LeBrix with Prof Rechlinson’s testimony, causing him to confess to the murder of Nilasa Hume.



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