The Dying Skyseer e6

Episode 6

After handing in the retrieved wands and the money he had requisitioned, Christian received a message from Morgan Cippiano, a senior member of The Family

Meanwhile, the elves from the factory pickup were interrogated. Left alone in the interrogation room with the female elf, Gyeneth, Sorvad Heron found himself angrily out of control, and struck her twice. Terrified, she told him the location of the drop-off point for the wands, and that Sokna Rell was behind the importation. Sorvad told Walker how he got the information, and that it was a lapse that wouldn’t happen again.

Christian met Morgan at the Homebrew Café, a coffee shop in the Central District. Morgan offered to help Christian out in his investigations, if Christian would help get some members of the Family released from custody.

Visiting Nevard Sechim in a local hotel, the party found a man from Ber in the lobby, seemingly watching and waiting. They were unable to work anything more out about him.

Naveed told the party of [[Nevard’s visions | his visions]], and afterward Sorvad stayed behind to talk about his recent experience crossing into the Bleak Gate. Naveed advised that Sorvad seek a spirit medium. Not wishing to talk to Guffet Scorch due to his association with the RHC, Sorvad determined to find a non-associated spirit medium.

Cala and Sorvad found from Naveed that a skyseer’s visions can be shared with others. Concerned about Walker’s seeming obsession with the blue star, they agreed not to share this information with him for now. Sorvad also asked Cala for support with the spirit medium.

In the meantime, Walker met with an old friend. Living in a small apartment in an alley in one of the rougher parts of town, Clinn Goodman is an ex-RHC copper living off a small pension. They met while Walker was working in a factory, and Clinn owes Walker for something. It’s clear that Walker respects Clinn, who was once Policeman of the Year, and still keeps the copper trophy on his mantel.

Walker offered to pay for Clinn to live somewhere nicer, but Clinn explained that this was his home. They reminisced over a bottle of cheap whisky, and Walker said that he thought Clinn would like the people he worked with. And as we find out the dreams are getting worse, there’s one question on his mind: “What if she’s coming back?”

The meeting with Sokna Rell went ahead as planned. She tried to blow up the Coaltongue – though it seems she may have been misinformed as to the fatality of the Azure Rod if inserted into the boiler – , was working with the Duchess on Axis Island, and asked Nilasa Hume to get the papers from the Danorian Embassy. She is also behind the non-fatal factory attacks.

Sokna informed the party that someone was trying to do bad things in the Bleak Gate – producing Witch Oil there. She gave the party a book containing a ritual to find gaps in reality, where one plane bleeds into another.

Christian made a deal with Morgan Cippiano, in exchange for releasing his men Morgan would give the RHC the people behind the factory arson’s. Christian upheld his end and Morgan gave him the exat time and date they would attack Heward Sechim’s factory. The factory was attacked by two dragonborn, one of which survived the encounter. Sorvad gave her his word that if she gave him information, he would arrange a proper dragonborn funeral for her brother.

Sorvad’s fear and worries about the Bleak Gate followed him home, and when a street dealer offered him some Fey Pepper to lighten his load, he bought a dose.



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