Malach's Notebook

The daily notebook of Gladness Malach, detailing his latest empirical observations and current theories.


Malach’s training in Religion skill (8) is instead assigned to “Science (theory)”, with true Religion checks only receiving standard Intelligence modifier (3 as at Level 2).
Malach’s Radiative Device is a re-badging of the Cleric Radiant Delirium daily power.


Gladness Malach carries a small notebook, which he uses to write his daily empirical observations and keep notes on the current scientific theories of the moment.
Relevant pages will be detailed here in due course.

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Malach’s anatomical study of all major races of people and monsters allows him not only to aid in healing, but also allows him make attacks that target weakness, causing greater damage.

Squid and Octopi
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Due to the recent appearance of a giant squid, Malach is currently undertaking a little side research into large squid and octopi, and in particular their mechanical means of transport.

Radiative Device
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Malach’s Radiative Device (with which he was recently able to subdue one of the Axis island occupiers) is based on the Theory of Aetheric Lifeforce [Francis L. W. Ratnicks, P. Kirk Visscher, et al. “Lifeforce permeability intrinsic to the Aether, inter-relations therein and potential martial-area applications thereby.” Martial Science 342, 796-797 (498 A.O.V). ]. The device is able to emit a Radiant power burst, which disrupts living organisms, causing damage and Dazing the subject. Certain re-animated and non-earthly creatures are believed to be particularly susceptible. The theory predicts that such a burst is limited to a few yards only, and the power requirements mean that a handheld device must be recharged for a number of hours after each use, and re-calibrated carefully to avoid unintended damage to the wielder upon next use.

The Mechanics of Beasts
Malach was interested to hear that the Flint Martial University had acquired a number of wild beasts, on which observations and experimentations are to be made. Malach is monitoring for any published results, and is making his own notes on the subject.
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Malach's Notebook

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