Small one-handed firearm that uses explosive alchemicals to fire metal ammunition.

weapon (ranged)

One-handed simple ranged weapon 10/20; Price 25gp; Weight 2lb,; Firearm; Load standard, brutal 2, high crit.


Firearms use explosive alchemicals to fire metal ammunition. Reloading
involves drawing and tearing open a paper cartridge, which contains
firedust and a bullet. The gunman pours firedust down the barrel, then
packs in the bullet with a ramrod. Pistols and carbines are fairly easy to
aim, but the extreme length of muskets (over five feet long) makes them
unwieldy for untrained users.
Reloading takes a standard action. Normally powers that let you
make multiple ranged attacks let you reload freely between attacks, but
you cannot freely reload firearms in this way. For that reason, a typical
character might carry a loaded firearm to use as a once-per-encounter
weapon. A character who wants to use a firearm as a primary weapon
should take the Firearm Expertise feat, which lets him reload as a minor
action. A fully specialized gunman may also want Speed Loader, which
turns it into a free action.

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