Always on Time e1
Episode One

- Cala’s date with Taura
- Sorvad Heron has vanished

- Two new members of the SCU: Lewis Paine and Mary-Margaret
- A breakin at the Records Office; Christian confides in Cala

A breakin shows that somebody stole the Yerasol War records with surname Cr to Cs. Hearing this Christian appears very stressed and announces that his war record has been taken. He asks for a private word with Cala. Christian asks for a little discretion and to deal with this personally. Christian reveals he had to release some small crime offenders at the request of Morgan Kapeener of The Family, and that if he didn’t, Kapeener would find a way to compromise Christians war record. Cala agrees on the condition Christian explains why he wants it kept secret.

- Gladness and his plus-one; King Aodhan confides in Commissar Shay about ??Rawkins the rogue Commissar; Shay tells the story of two different styles of Commisar

- Walker visits Christian and they speak about war

Walker gives Christian back his stolen war record. Walker reveals that somethings about the war and Christian just dont seem to add up. Christian doesnt seem willing to admit any vacancy from the war and manages to not fall into Walkers tangled words. Walker leaves asking Christian not to mention his presence and to stay in contact.

- Cala gets drunk….

- Christian tells Cala that the war records are returned and not to worry. Cala persists. Christian reveals that Walker took the records. Christian reveals that Walker has suspicions that Christian is untruthfull about his participation in the Yerasol War.

- Walker visits Clinn Goodman – possibly his only friend in the world
- Someone sends Walker a message; he meets Isabelle again; the run over the rooftops

- Walker, Isabelle, Clinn, Gault. A fight, a mistaken view of where a rod was pointing, an attempted execution foiled, and the man who fled.
- Visiting ??Rawkins’ gambling den; who was there, and what occurred. The people that didn’t get the memo, and the few prisoners taken alive as a result of this
- Interrogating a prisoner; Commissar Shay’s promise; A traitor’s end
- Clinn will be dead within 24 hours unless he gets healing magic which can’t be found outside the highest levels of society civil or criminal; Isabelle’s connections; Walker’s promise to keep Clinn alive – whatever it takes

Digging for Lies e13
Episode 14

- Walker and Seax break into the Evidence Room to retrieve their weaponry
- Seax was just another alias, he prefers to be called Smith
- The rest of the crew arrive; Smith gives Cala his parole that he will stay in her custody
- Sorvad opens a teleportation circle to the burned-out Malach warehouse
- Cala disrupts the teleportation circle before Sorvad can follow them through – effectively releasing Smith from her custody(!)
- Sorvad meets Smith and Walker
- The gang follow Smith’s lead to a warehouse. Inside is Cutpennis who has been possessed by the entity from ??
- A dragon is summoned! Gladness gets swallowed.
- The dragon is defeated, but something else crawls from the body!
- It gets killed, but by the time anyone looks round, Smith and Walker are gone.

Digging for Lies e12
Episode Thirteen

- Walker is locked up in a cell across from Seax
- Cala is promoted to Senior Constable, and Delft to Acting Chief Inspector
- Cala is told by Delft that unless Walker takes the fall for the shooting of Saxby, then whoever is pulling the strings will put their own Chief Inspector and Senior Constable in
- Walker tells Seax that his promise still holds for 24 hours, and at the end of that time, here’s a new promise. Walker’s going to hunt him down and kill him.
- Sorvad and Cala clash about direction
- Monsters from the Hell Dimension attack the station house
- Walker gets a large chunk of memory from his previous life back. The one that ended in a cellar, and that knows something about Sorvad’s father
- Walker and Seax escape from the cells

Digging for Lies e11
Episode 11


This audio recap is 12 minutes long, because I did not have the time to make it shorter.

Digging for Lies
Episode Nine

Returning by train from the jungle, Cala noticed a gunman observing the train from the far end of the platform, together with a number of other suspicious-looking folk crowding around the doors as it pulled in.

As the team left the train, they were attacked by those closest to them. Suspecting another attempt on Walker’s life by Lorcan Kell, Cala attacked the gunman, only to find that he had been assigned to the team by King Aodhan himself!

The Commissars are a new army unit set up by the King to give him better control over the armies defending the border against Danor. Each Commissar has the power of life and death over those in their command, and the right to bring the King’s political authority to bear when necessary.

The Commissar Act was signed by the King just a month ago, and Commissar Ciaphas Shae has been attached to the Serious Crimes Unit in order to observe how they deal with crime, both criminal and political. Their recent takedown of Reed Macbannin makes them the ideal place for Shay to learn those lessons, and then take them back to the King, where he can recommend how to apply them.

Shay commuted the prisoner’s death sentence to a spell in one of the military units on the Northern Front, and he was shipped off.

The assassins had freshly-inked Kell Gang tattoos, and earching the pockets of the attackers, the team find a note purporting to be from Kell, ordering Walker’s elimination. Wanting to force a confrontation with Kell, Cala and Sorvad pretended to take Walker prisoner, and the team marched to Kell’s Theatre, pretending to be a new gang in town who had captured Walker and brought him to Kell for torture and murder. Once there, it became obvious that not only did Kell not write the orders, but had told all of his gang to make no more attacks on Walker, finding the heat too problematic.

Visiting a tattoo parlour, the team met the tattooist who had inked the Kell tattoos – but not for Kell. His assistant, Stacy Sullivan, a heavily tattooed and pierced young woman, caught the eye of both Walker and Christian – and Walker arranged a date with her for 7pm the next night in La Restaurant.

The team tracked down the assassins to a hotel room, where it seemed that most of the assassins had been dosed with a slow-acting poison, so that they would be unable to talk if captured. One would-be assassin realised what was about to happen and removed himself from the attack before drinking. The Colonel, he said, was behind the attack, and gave an address where he could be found the next morning.

Digging for Lies e10
Episode Ten

- The Colonel cuts a deal with Walker: If Walker delivers him outside the bounds of the city, he’ll tell Walker who’s really in charge. He does so. Once he leaves the bounds of the city, Walker shoots him
- The team find a gladiatorial pit in a warehouse, where the monstrous races from Ber are forced to fight each other to the death

Digging for Lies e8
Episode Eight

A drunken Taura has been invited by Tiffany One to Cala’s House to play Ring of Fire. Cala interrogates her about her relationship with Christian and when she notices the Statue of Baphomet that Cala has been keeping under a cloth on the sideboard, is unceremoniously thrown out. The party breaks up fairly quickly after that.

Gathering for a train trip to the jungle where Doctor Zambria’s ill-fated expedition met their end, Walker almost misses the train due to an encounter with an Otyugh – a sewer-dwelling creature which lives on refuse and faeces. Walker doesn’t smell so good, despite spending most of the night in the shower. Christian uses a spell to change the smell to that of garlic. An improvement. Just.

In the jungle, the team find a ziggurat stuffed with traps reset by ancient mummies, almost certainly from the Ancient Goblin Empire. They also find the area where the three artefacts came from, and the use of Goblin Technology throughout the complex causes Walker to recall more of his previous life, and Sorvad to recall that his father once had a Goblin Safe which he told Sorvad contained his birthright… yet after his father died, when opened the safe proved to be empty.

As well as the source of the artefacts, the ziggurat contained a breach to another dimension, filled with creatures. When disturbed, the creatures attacked. Despite using his Badger Gun to defend himself, Christian was pulled through for a moment into the other dimension, where he saw thousands of the creatures. Although the creatures were destroyed and Christian returned safely, the attack has left him with a vulnerability to psychic damage.

On the opposite side of the temple, the team found a room containing maps representing the seals. And using the map, they found the location of a third seal.

It’s location? Directly beneath the main RHC watchhouse.

Digging for Lies e7
Episode 7

- Back to duty
- Another Day, Another Corpse
- The School of Magic
- Defending the Amulet

Digging for Lies e6
Episode Six

- Talking to Corpses
- The Tall Tales of Rock Ruckus
- Of Dams and Digs
- The Summoning of Sharks
- “It’s another Portal. Like in Mayor MacBannin’s House”

Digging for Lies e5
Episode 5

- Identical Handwriting and Plagiarism
- Dr Zambia and the Blue-eyed Monster
- “We’re just too different. It would never work.”
- A Conversation with Senior Constable Evergreen
- The Body in the Basement
- The Dead Past


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