Heron Potion Distribution Band

A number of years ago Heron R&D was commissioned by the RHC to design and develop a new method of consuming healing potions. It was considered by the RHC that the use of potions could be easier managed both for self-use and external use.

Heron R&D developed a thin leather band that wraps around the forearm, bicep or thigh that holds up to 4 concentrated healing vials.

1st Generation Band – A series of injectors could be activated by an individual push button that pierces the skin and injects the potion.

2nd Generation Band – This was later developed with an additional button that switched the needle outwards so the injection can be used on someone else.

3rd Generation Band – With the success of the 2G model it was then requested that other potions and elixirs could be used for internal and external use. The 3G was adapted to manage difference fluids with much higher viscosity allowing a wide range of uses.

4th Generation Band – The 4G Heron is shoulder-mounted, allowing faster activation of healing in a battle situation.

Costs – The initial cost of the Distribution Band was high due to the work involved to manufacture the vials. Over recent years and the popularity and ease of use the costs are not significantly cheaper due to mass production in Flint.

The bands are colloquially known as “Herons”.

Heron Potion Distribution Band

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