Herons Research and Development Ltd

Herons Research and Development Ltd
Established 273 A.O.V

Herons R&D was established by Brothers Alf and Kabos Heron and close friend Herbert Striker.

Company HQ – 118 to 121 Windmill Lane, Parity Lake
Special Projects Workshop – 88 Nugent Road, Central District

Heron R&D employees 19 people

Heron R&D is divided into 4 sections with Business Admin providing all support functions
1. Industry
Headed up by Kurt Saxby – Distant relation to Lady Margaret Saxby (Flint branch leader of RHC) This section relies mainly on maintenance contracts for most of Flints industry business small and large.

2. Defence
Section Chief Kirby Ground runs a very small team of Technicians working on new and interesting military products. This is funded by the Military Academy in Sid Minos and Battalion School of War (Pine Island). Most of this work is confidential and intrusted to Heron R&D receive because of Kirby previous military history and long list of contracts.

3. Transport
Vernon Striker leads the oldest section of Heron R&D and is considered the business leader even though owning 14% of the share. The Strikers have been involved in Herons almost from conception. The Heron Locomotive Mark VII was a very early project by the founders of the company that almost destroyed Heron R&D but put the company in the eyes of many cities across Risur and Drakr due to the advancements made is steam. Heron R&D sold these rights to this technology in 306 A.O.V.

4. Special Projects
Since his father’s death, Sorvad is now one of two people in Special Projects. The Special Projects Workshop is separate from the rest of Heron R&D. This is because of the nature of the works and sensitivity of the research. The other employee working in Special Projects is Vince Gritting. The oldest employee of Herons at 78 years old. Vince lives in the lodgings above the shop.


Heron R&D Projects
The Heron Locomotive Mark VII
Heron Potion Distribution Band
Technology and Power

Herons Research and Development Ltd

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