The capturing of an image on paper is extremely rare.

The process involves the well-known ritual ‘Silent Image’ but requires a number of very rare components and a highly experienced Caster.

The complexities involved are:
1. Arcane induced paper – This paper is very rare and for the paper to have the properties to hold the image require months of preparation. The locations of the workshops are known but it is rumoured to be an Eldrin secret
2. Ritual Caster – This is a basic ritual known by many, but due to the increased duration of casting and the expertise to merge the circle and components together only highly experienced casters have been above to complete the ritual successfully
3. Ritual components – There are a number of components involved in this ritual. These are not fully known but the items know are very rare.
4. Capture Frame – As part of the ritual, the object or persons being captured need to be still within an arcane frame for 2 minutes. This forms part of the ritual

There are a number of R&D companies working on the above unknowns. But there are many well kept secrets


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