Ragnarok Pistols

Developed by Walker, the Ragnarok Pistols are a matching pair of sidearms.

IGNIS is chased in bronze and has engraved flames wrapped around its barrel. Twisting the barrel a quarter turn anti-clockwise endows each bullet passing through with fire; a quarter turn clockwise restores it to normal.

GLACIEM is inlaid with silver. A quarter turn of the barrel, and it becomes cold to the touch, draining moisture from the air and dripping with condensation. In this configuration, Glaciem chills each bullet that passes through its barrel to below freezing.

Ignis and Glaciem also have the ability to ignite or glaciate the last bullet fired, a power activated by sliding down a small extrusion on the pistol-butt with the thumb after the bullet has hit its target. In Ignis case, the bullet explodes, causing the target to catch fire, while Glaciem chills the target from the inside, slowing their actions.

Ragnarok Pistols

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