RNS Coaltongue

Coaltongue exterior

The RNS Coaltongue, named after a mythic warlord said to breathe smoke and fire, is the first armored warship to solely use steam propulsion rather than sail or oars.

The Coaltongue has a wooden hull sheathed in five inch thick goblin steel plating, engraved with subtle magical icons of defense and power. Measuring 220 ft from stem to stern with a beam of 45 ft and a draft of 20 ft the warship has three lower decks and a two-storey command bridge amidships the maindeck.

The steam engine,powered by heating a boiler with burning firegems, gives the vessel a top speed of 15 knots (roughly 17 miles per hour). Twelve cannon line each side of the gundeck, which is capped on the fore by the ship’s mage’s quarters, and on the aft by observation rooms. Both of these rooms can be converted to firing platforms when in pursuit or flight.

Below that is the berth deck, capped by the ship’s magazine at the fore and sickbay at the aft.

Finally, the bottom deck contains the engine, fuel bins, and various cargo. The bridge’s main level contains quarters for captain and officers, while the second storey command deck has speaking tubes to various sections of the ship, and is where the captain must stand to direct the Brand.

RNS Coaltongue

Capacitor and the Brand

On the Coaltongue’s main deck sits an elaborate glass frame, reinforced by magic to be as strong as steel, and shaped in a half-cylinder to resemble the boiler of a train locomotive. While its design is partially aesthetic, intended to evoke the power of Risur’s new industry, this innovative structure is Risur’s greatest trump card against Danoran warships: a magical capacitor.

Excess energy from the steam engine is stored in thin metallic etchings within the structure. Even while storing its full power, the interior of the capacitor is perfectly safe to walk through, and its expansive windows let it serve as venue for ceremonies and celebrations. But the primary purpose of the capacitor is to power attack spells of the ship’s warmages, and to charge the Brand. The Brand — so named because it burns an image into any surface it strikes — fires a massive blast of pyromantic energy from the ship’s figurehead, often enough to outright destroy a smaller vessel and cripple a larger one.

Its range is limited to about a hundred feet, and after firing it takes hours to recharge the capacitor, but combined with the Coaltongue’s speed and maneuverability, the Brand should deter attacks by Danor’s navy.

RNS Coaltongue

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