Sorvad Heron

This is a log of Sorvad Heron. Detailing Sorvads thoughts and experiences as an Officer in the RHC. This is an out of character record.

Calaqueia Ravenhorn
Gladness Malach

Combat Style
Sorvad is a melee attacker than often ends up with him in the mix. An untypical aggressive Technologist who is more than willing to go toe to toe with most foes. A number of his attacks have impact follow on effects causing damage to foes or protection for his allies. His range of abilities are detailed in Technology and Power

Sorvad also possesses a lot of healing abilities. He has a great ability to restore Health and provide a temporary boost that can be passed around the party.

Key Topics
Sorvad has experienced many strange things in his life but recently his key focuses have been put on hold. Until a few days ago Sorvad was passionate about Goblin technology and finding the truth about the roots of the intelligence behind what appeared to be leap years beyond other technologies. His second obsession was how his father was killed. Many months had been sacrificed into his own investigations and leads but none had opened any significant doors.

Now, Sorvad is on the search for the missing part of his soul. Did part of him die on that eventful night on cauldron hill? Was part of his soul left in the bleak gate or even contained within Witch Oil?

All Sorvad knows is he is not himself and feels dark and constantly anxious and almost obsessed about returning to the Bleak Gate.

The only thing Sorvad feels is keeping him sane is Fey Pepper! It has started as a energy boost but once observed the pull to the dreaming visions makes sorvad believe that he is battling against the darkness within him.

Goblin Technology
Sorvad spend most his life pursuing Goblin Technology.

The Bleak Gate
Sorvad experienced some time partially in the Bleak Gate. This was a harrowing experience where his mind and body wasted tested significantly which could have ended in certain death. Since that time Sorvad has felt dark and anxious. He is becoming obsessed with what happened to him and after speaking to the Skyseer he is not seeking advice from a Spirit Medium to try to understand what has happened to him. In recent days Sorvad has reacted to situation in an alien way. In an interrogation he was violent and threatening which is very out of character.

Fey Pepper
It is known that Fey Pepper gives users experiences of the Dreaming. There are rumors that in certain circumstances that Fey Pepper has a darker experience and passes the user to witness the Bleak Gate. Sorvad has not yet used Fey Pepper but currently possesses some. Temptation is growing

Sorvad Heron

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