Technology and Power

Technology and Power
Battle Technology
Battle Technology has been developed by Sorvad for quick and unlimited use during combat. These base skills generally use allies weapons or armour to power attacks as well as increasing performance. As Sorvad gains more experience these may change or be enhanced.

Aggravating Force
When Sorvads infused Mace strikes an enemy it unleashes a wave of nuts, bolts and other small machined widgets directly into the foes armour. Not only painful to the victim but the shrapnel buries into the foes armour and reduces the defenses. This then makes the next attack to have more probability to strike.

Thundering Armour
Sorvad has a designed and built power patches. These are small in size, about the same size a a gold coin and when thrust into an allies armour increase defenses. Once infused to the allies armour, there is an aggressive force that bursts from the armour striking an adjacent foe.

Technologist Defense
When Sorvad uses battle technology he gets power infused in his own armour that increases his own defense

Healing Infusion Technology
Sorvad can create healing infusions for later use. At the end of an extended rest he creates two healing infusions that last until the end of your next extended rest. During a short rest, Sorvad or an ally can spend a healing surge to replenish one of the infusions expended.

Resistive Formula
Sorvad lunches the infusion to the targets armour increasing defenses that will last a considerable time. If the target wishes they can strike the infused area that will ooze healing oil into their skin providing healing properties. This impact will destroy the infusion and defenses will return to normal

Curative Admixture
This infusion has healing properties and seeps healing oil into a target.

Technology and Power

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