Teleportation Circles

Since the Battle of Shale in the 4th Yerasol war eight years ago – when Danoran troops teleported straight into the heart of the city using several of the city’s own teleportation circles, and the city almost fell as a result – the creation and maintenance of permanent teleportation circles is now illegal in Risur without a licence. The licence includes the cost of a yearly inspection by members of the RHC.

To comply with the rules, any permanent teleportation circle must be surrounded by a cage made of goblin steel, with the key kept in a different room. The steel itself is then surrounded with a secondary cage of thin gold wire to prevent an enemy capable of personal teleportation – like the Eladrin – then teleporting outside the cage to retrieve the key.

Any teleportation circle must also be warded 24 hours a day – most people use guards, but magical wards are also acceptable in law, as seen in the case of Principal Minister Harkover Lee, whose circle is guarded by his own magical safeguards which he refreshes every month.

The cost for a circle licence is 5,000GP per year, renewable on the anniversary of the licence being declared. The fine for noncompliance is 15,000 GP together with all back payments and/or a month in prison.

Together, these costs mean that in Risur long distance teleportation is the province of the rich or the government.

Despite this, teleportation circles are sometimes set up by the desperate and scared, and it is rumoured that a semi-permanent circle is set up in the Docks – for those with the ability to pay.

Teleportation Circles

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