The Battle of Axis Island

The battle of Axis Island was a small conflict that took place between 17th and 22nd day of Spring. Duchess Ethelyn of Shale lead a band of Risuri deserters, armed with powerful magic’s from the dreaming, against the Danoran outpost on the island. Whilst the duchess commanded no ships she managed to deploy her troops through a teleportation circle that had been created by Nathan Jierre without the Danorans’ knowledge. This was combined with an attack on the fortresses sea gate by Sokna Rell, an unknown eldrain male, and a giant squid.

17th Day of Spring

The Duchess’ forces attack Axis Island. The fortress is taken completely by surprise and is taken within 30 minutes. Forces are deployed to the surrounding villages who are relatively undefended.

Danor believes Risur and Elfviar have attacked and raises its defense conditions. General Assange of Danor is quick to try to push forward a counter attack against a Risuri military port on the Avery coast. Courtiers loyal to Lya Jierre manage to delay the attack and send word to Lya and King Aodhan.

Risuri scouts report the Danoran state of alert. On the orders of Admiral of the fleet Spotchkirk and General Rowland Risur raises its defense condition and deploys much of its fleet to blockade the Avery Sea and Yerasol Archipelago. Meanwhile word of the attack reaches Lya Jierre and the King, who take steps to maintain diplomacy and avoid all out war.

The Danorans agree to hold of declaring war on Risur providing the island is returned within 3 days. They allow for the RHC to take the lead in the kill or capture of the Duchess and agree to let Risuri military forces accompany them. A splinter force of 10 ships breaks off from the Risuri blockade and heads towards Axis Island. A team of RHC constables are briefed on the situation and command of the operation is given to them.

18th Day of Srping

The RNS Impossible departs to join the Risuri fleet with a mage who can create a teleportation circle aboard, so that the RHC constables can remain behind and join the fleet later.

The splinter fleet drops anchor just outside view of the watch towers of Axis Island

19 day of spring

The RNS Impossible makes rendezvous with the rest of the fleet and the RHC constables teleport aboard

4 of the RHC constables form a strike team to sneak on to Axis Island and create a distraction in the fort.

20th day of spring

A group of miners, rescued by the RHC, start a riot in the fort setting fires near the armory, market and the equipment stores. One of the fires reaches the armory magazine causing a large explosion. The Duchess’ forces pull men off the walls to quash the riot, leaving the for vulnerable. The Risuri navy then move their ships into place and the RHC moves to infiltrate the fort before the Duchess can escape. An agent of the unseen council Asrabey Varal joins the battle having stowed away on a Risuri ship.

The battle ends with few Risuri casualties, most of the deserters dead, the rest captured. Among the captured forces are Nathan Jierre and Sokna Rell. The Duchess however was killed by Asrabey. The RHC deem Asrabeys actions as legal as the island was currently Disputed Territory. Both Risur and Danor agree to let Asrabey sign the Treaty of Axis Island on behalf of the Unseen Council.

The Battle of Axis Island

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