The Blue Sun

While returning Axis Island to the Danorans, those on the island had a vision in which the sun was replaced by a Blue Sun, and the very land itself seemed to change…

Whether or not the blue sun is related to the Blue Star seen by Gladness Malach through his telescope or not, no-one knows. In fact, no-one but Gladness even knows what he saw through the telescope – or what’s in the book that he retrieved from the library on Axis Island.

Nevard Sekim, a skyseer, had a vision of the Blue Sun, and the vision was this:

He looked up at a blue sun in the heavens.
He looked down into a forest.
A man approached, wielding a bronze staff with three keyholes.
The man took off his robe, and was a man no more, but a tiger.
The stars fell from the sky, and there was no sun any more.
A cloud fell across the world.

The Blue Sun – or the blue star – are related in some way to Samsara, the god of the Eladrin. Some say it’s an embodiment of Samsara herself, while others claim it to be the beacon lighting her way to return. Others yet claim that it is a portal which will allow her to return from the dead.

Walker is interested in the Blue Sun. Some would say to the point of obsession.

The Blue Sun

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