The Game

In the past two centuries the game has massed huge popularity in both along the Avery Coast. Spectators come from all over to watch there national teams compete to be named this year’s game champion. In recent year Game culture has come under scrutiny. Critics observe that there has been a marked rise in anti-social behaviour in areas where a game is being held. The same is also true of violent and criminal acts between fans of opposing teams. The International Game Association (IGA) maintains there are other underlying causes of inter-fan violence.

The Rules

Number of teams: The number of teams playing in one game can vary depending on how many have made it through qualifiers, weather any of the teams have passed or failed a drug test, and how many of them actually show up

Time limit: A game lasts between 23 and 100 minutes depending on the number of teams, the first three results of the Jabert, and how accurate the referees watch is.

Scoring: Every time a team gains a point its score increases. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins, providing the Sid Minos rule is not in effect

Illegal maneuvers: Cheating during a game is strictly forbidden, and is considered an illegal maneuver. A team caught cheating may receive up to 5 reprimands from the referee.

The Game

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