Walker's House

An old, large, detached house on the North Shore which Walker bought with the back-pay owed to him from the time he was on the run from a crime he didn’t commit. He’s moved out of his Bedsit and in here with his fiancĂ©e Ilana.

Stand outside the house, and you will see a large detached place, slightly back from the road, in one of the less-fashionable areas of the North Shore. The lower storey is of plaster-covered brick with heavily-barred fanlight windows to the outside. Three wooden steps lead up to a thick oak door, and a jangling iron bell-pull hangs from the roof of the porch to the right. There are no other entrances to the house.

Inside, the house is arranged around a central courtyard which makes the lower floor surprisingly light and airy. The kitchen, with a fully equipped range, is off to the left and the study to the right as you enter. Perhaps as you peer through the study door you can see the large globe of the world which opens up to reveal a fully-stocked liquor bar, or the comfortable sofas dotted throughout the room.

Steps rise from the main hallway to the upper floor. Under the steps, a small door leads down to the cellar. Taking it will take you underground to a small wine-cellar, filled with bottles of various vintages.

But push gently on one of those wine racks, and it moves to the side to reveal a blank door. Unlock and walk through that door, and you will find yourself in a large room with locked weapons cases on the wall.

Lots of weapons.

Almost as if Walker is preparing for a war.

Walker's House

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