Season 5 episode 10

The RNS Affirmative, holed and limping, needs to pull in somewhere for repairs after the battle. The only port within range is a Berian supply fort on a small island a day’s sail away.

The team abandon all of the prisoners save one on an island, with enough supplies to last until they are rescued. The other, Corporal Cynthia Bell is someone who Walker knows from a past life.

He takes her to a separate part of the island and interrogates her as she digs her own grave. She was part of a team attempting to save him from a shapeshifter known to us as Christopher Saax. She failed, and everyone under her command was killed. That’s why she has his pistol and his diary.

Walker offers her a chance – is she a woman of her word? She gives her word not to interfere with Walker or his friends. He returns her pistol to her.

Back at the Affirmative, she reports to the senior military commander – Shae. On Walker’s recommendation Shae puts her in charge of the second marine fire team.

On arrival, Walker, Commissar Ciaphas Shae, and Calaqueia Ravenhorn find the Commissars are already there. And three ironclads arrive – bearing the flags of Old Ber, the sigil of Baphomet with Dragon Rampant.

The ironclads blockade the port. Built to the same design as the RNS Coaltongue, they have a powerful main gun and are built of Goblin Steel.

Penetrating the fort, the team find that there are three factions now on the island:

  • The BBA, who want to capture them for the recent naval battle
  • The Commissars, who want Fresia Blackstone alive
  • The Old Berians, who want Fresia Blackstone dead

Attempting to turn the factions against one another, Shae and Walker dress as Commissariat Troopers and attempt to “liberate” some gunpowder. But as the battle begins Walker, still suffering from the loss of confidence when Fresia threatened his fiancée, froze and broke from the scene, leaving Cala and Shae to deal with it.

Under cover of night, Walker, Cala, and Shae used Heron Submersible Suits to sneak onto the three ironclads, in an attempt to use Azure Rods to destroy them, much as the Coaltongue was attacked last year.

They succeeded, and the ships were destroyed (as, unfortunately, were the suits). But as they were about to return to the affirmative, they saw Commissars advancing on the ship…

Season 5 Episode 9

With Fresia Blackstone in custody, the team retreat to the safety of the RNS Affirmative to interrogate him.

Commissar Ciaphas Shae is told to allow members of the Berian Constabulary to enter and search the ship, but sees them off. They retreat to gather more men – but Shae sees that cannon are already being brought into position to fire on the ship.

After an interrogation in which Blackstone threatens Ilana – Walker’s fiancée, and the person he cares about most in the world – Walker is left shaken and doubting himself. But Shae turns things around, and Blackstone starts to talk.

Blackstone reveals that The Mage Conspiracy are attempting to overthrow not just the Aristocracy of Ber, but are set to strike at the leaders of all the major powers – backed by Commissars and King Aodhan! When confronted, though, about the Four Mages falsifying the information from the memory sphere, he avoids answering…

The Affirmative leaves the harbour safely, but is pursued by two Berian ships, the Interceptor and the Swiftrunner. They close and board, but are fought off. However, one of the marines on the ship recognises Walker from a previous life, and concentrates all of her effort on trying to kill him.

Gladness Malach sustains a moderate wound in the battle, and Walker receives a serious wound to the shoulder.

Season 5 episode 8

Walker and Commissar Ciaphas Shae teleported aboard the RNS Affirmative, where they managed to get out of the Goblin Steel Cage surrounding the Teleportation Circle before the lethal countermeasures – a fireball activating two minutes after weapon fire within the cage – kicked in.

Walker resolved to get his own key cut.

Calaqueia Ravenhorn met with that minotaur she likes and shared the list of high-ranking Berian officials with her, and told her that she believed it to be the precursor to a coup. that minotaur she likes told Cala that the sigils listed next to her own teleportation circle were incorrect, so she wasn’t worried – but that nevertheless she would take extra precautions.

Walker, Shae, and Izabelle went to track Pemberton, visiting the pub which was his base of operations. However, the pub had been destroyed in a blaze of fire, and several bodies were found, torn to shreds by something that Walker has seen before.

It seems that another dragon has been summoned to the world from Nem.

After a night’s sleep, the team make their way to a warehouse owned by Fresia Blackstone one of the four archmages where Jocond Redscale is being held. Also there – unseen by Walker, Shae, and Isabelle – is Quintel. Mary-Margaret and Izabelle attempt an arrest as he leaves, but he easily outfights them.

Freeing Jocond, the team are spotted by Fresia Blackstone. After a battle, they arrest him.

Season 5 episode 7

Calaqueia Ravenhorn and Mary-Margaret forced their way into the Blackstone Residence in Ber in an attempt to rescue Jocond Redscale.

Mary-Margaret also communed with the universe and found that the Commissars are currently in possession of the gnome inventor – and creator of the ColossusTinker Oddcock. They attempted to trade him for Jocond with the Blackstone Clan, but the Berians attacked.

Season 5 e6

Gladness Malach is called to an audience with King Aodhan and Commissar Magnus. As Magnus hovers protectively over the King’s shoulder, Aodhan tells him that Flint, Constable Walker and Commissar Shae are poking their noses where they shouldn’t. The King has – he relates – found the secret leaders of The Obscuriatii. All of them have personal Teleportation Circles, and are therefore vulnerable to a surgical strike through them by a team of Commissars. To this end, he has ordered The Commissariat to set up a secret warehouse facility containing a hundred teleportation circles.

Walker and Shae, he says, stumbled onto this facility. As a known associate of them, and moreover a highly-trusted member of state, he would like Gladness to assure them that everything is all right. To which end, he signs a piece of paper confirming Gladness’ security clearance.

After the paper is signed, Aodhan reveals the reason for the Commissars massing in Flint. The Obscuriatii, he says, are a creation of Danor, and after their leaders are decapitated, he intends to launch a full-on invasion of that country! To this end, he has formed an alliance with The Four Mages of the other major powers in the world.

Walker, Shae, and Felix are admitted to an audience with the King, Gladness and Magnus also present. They confront the King – why has he created these illicit teleportation circles without going through the proper process? By right, Aodhan says, what he does is the proper process.

But what of the Commissars? There are 300 of them on the streets of Flint right now, ten times as many as in any other Risuri city, and their penchant for brutal violence and detaining people without representation or cause – in many cases indefinitely – is doing nothing to help the people love their King. Their presence, says Aodhan, is only temporary – soon they’ll be gone. He does not reveal his plans to invade Danor.

Walker and Shae leave, more convinced than ever that the King is – at the least – ill-advised. And at the most, actively working against the people of Risur. There is one other person they should consult – Harkover Lee.

Arriving at Harkover’s tower, Walker aware that he and Shae do not have clearance, asks Gladness to update Lee about the teleportation circles and what the King has done. As Lee should – as First Minister – have the required clearance, Gladness does so while Walker, Shae, and Felix wait outside.

Gladness tells Lee about the teleportation circles and the Obscuriatii, but not about the proposed invasion of Danor. Lee should have been appraised of all of it, and is shocked.

The Four Mages have been seen conspiring before by the team. Once in Flint. And Walker and Shae saw two of them in the teleportation warehouse.

Resolving to find out more, Shae and Walker use Lee’s teleportation circle to teleport to Ber, where the rest of the party await.

Season 5 episode5

Something happens in Ber. Someone who was there needs to edit this page and say what.

Season 5e4

Izabelle and Mary-Margaret are trailed – and then later attacked – by a group working for the mysterious Pemberton.

Meanwhile in Flint, the teleportation circles light up as hundreds of Commisars teleport into the heart of the warehouse district. On Shay’s advice, Walker tells Stover Delft to stand down rather than attack the inbound commisars.

A whispercall reveals that the Commisars are teleporting in from Ber.

Apart from the others, Cala is approached by an old minotaur who says that she is the chosen one of the Horned God. She beats him half to death, leaving him a bloody wreck on the floor.

Season 5 e3

Walker and Ilana have invited friends and colleagues, including Commissar Ciaphas Shae, to a housewarming dinner at Walker’s House.

All is not as it seems, however.

Walker and Shae believe that the Commissars are preparing to take over the city – with the help, perhaps, of King Aodhan himself, and are sounding out those with an interest to find out which side they will take in the coming civil war.

Shae arrived early and noted the defensibility of the house. Something that may be important in the coming months.

Present at the dinner:

  • Thames Grimsley
  • Stover Delft
  • Vince Gritting
  • Harkover Lee and his wife Melissa. Melissa let slip during the dinner that even the aristocracy were beginning to worry about the influence of the Commissars upon the city before Harkover quieted her.
  • The Tiffanies engaged Shae in conversation about their new-found love of ping pong. It seems that Tiffany Two may even have a wee crush on the Commissar, what with his tight uniform and everything…
  • Felix advised Shae to return to the Commissars if he wanted to work out what was really going on in the city.

Taking this perhaps more literally than Felix intended, Walker, Shae, and Ilana penetrated the Commissariat base in Flint, an old hotel. In the central courtyard of the hotel, at the dead of night, the two of them saw Commissars preparing for battle – and armed with flamethrowers.

Shae bluffed his way into Commissar Sorcha’s office where he found in the safe paperwork pointing to a secret installation in the docks – the Blackstone Warehouse.

The next night, Shae and Walker used Felix to place a whispercall with Calaqueia Ravenhorn, they established that the warehouse had been guarded by the Commissars.

The three of them snuck into the warehouse and found it filled with wooden crates, each larger than a person. Further observation showed a poison system on the ceiling and a control room at the far end which would allow poison to be released onto the main floor of the warehouse at the pull of a switch…

Then two members of the Mage Conspiracy walked towards them, flanked by a Commissar. Thanking the Commissar, the two of them left, by entering one of the boxes.

Each box contains a Teleportation Circle.

Walker challenged the Commissars in the control room, and accused them of running unlicensed teleportation circles within the city, a criminal offence. Shae, also, had no knowledge of the construction of the circles.

In return the Commissar said that the King had authorised the creation of the circles, and here was the paperwork to prove it.

Walker “accidentally” dropped the paperwork into a gas flame, and placed the Commissar under arrest.

The Commissar drew his gun and prepared to attack…


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