Sorvad Heron

Once a polite honest looking young men. Well educated, confident and passionate about his work.


Sorvad Heron is a handsome male human, medium build and stands 5’10’’. Often seen wearing overalls or a lab coat. Never presents clean nails or hands as is forever working on mechanical gadgets. His favored weapon is a short spear accompanied with a magical rod. Sorvad tends to wear leather armor to allow flexibility with his hands.

Recent incidents
Sorvad has not been himself since his experience with The Bleak Gate. He is very pale, anxious and looks exhausted. His combat however has not been impacted as his appearance. If anything, Sorvad is stronger but more aggressive

Since Sorvads experience with The Bleak Gate he has a strong belief that he has some dark possession that pulls him back from the dead. He recently was killed during combat and had a sudden surge of energy that brought him back to the living. His dieing memory was visions of The Bleak Gate


Sorvad Heron

Sorvad was born at home 4 weeks premature early spring 481 A.O.V. He is 19 years old.

Sorvad, like his father was part of an exchange programme (introduced by the Dwarfs to forge relationships with the Humans) and schooled in Trekhom. Trekhom is the capital of Drakr. This was seen as an honour and Sorvad made both his family and the Educational Leaders of Flint and Risur proud. Like his father Sorvad graduated top of his intake. His study finished at 15 and he returned home to take up his apprenticeship at Heron R&D.

Mother – Shannon Heron died when Sorvad was 2 years old. This was a freak accident whist travelling from Parity Lake to the Central District to visit her husband and Soravds father Jenn. The event happened in The Nettles. It was reported that she was struck by high speed carriage. No charges were pressed against the driver. Sorvad was with his mother at the time but was unharmed. Father – Jann Heron died 8 months ago. The cause of death was poisoning. The murderer has not been identified and is a current open case with the RHC.
Other family – None known.

Sorvad has few friends in Flint. Most his time has been taken up with his apprenticeship. He does however have many connections and friends in Trekhom.

Sorvad is the sectional head of Special Projects at Herons Research and Development Ltd. Very few people know what research is carried out in Special Projects Workshop

Sorvad lives on the top floor of the Special Projects Workshop

Technology and Power
Sorvad has spent many years working with technology and the infusion of power to provide protection and assistance to himself and allies. These power continually require work and development that Sorvad dedicated a large portion of his time to.

Sorvad Heron

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