Fate Skill List

Arcana: Magic and shit. (Exactly the same as the skill in D&D)

Athletics: Running, jumping, climbing, general acrobatics. (Related D&D skills: Acrobatics and to some extant Athletics. If you do have a high athletics score in D&D check out Physique)

Burglary: Lockpicking, pickpocketing, and generally ending up with someone else’s possessions (Related D&D skills: Thievery)

Contacts: Finding the right people in town to get the job done or give you some info. (Related D&D Skills: Streetwise, but also check out Lore if you like to know about history/politics/layout of a city)

Deceive: Telling porkies, and tall tales. (Related D&D skills: Bluff)

Drive: All vehicles; horses, ships and carriages. (No related D&D skill)

Empathy: Reading other people: are they lying, are they scared, what’s motivating them. (Related D&D Skill: Insight)

Fight: Hitting people in the face, (All melee fighting)

Investigate: Spotting clues, either at a crime scene or rummaging through someones desk or papers etc. (Related D&D skill: Perception, but also check out Notice)

Lore: History, law of the land. (Related D&D skills: History, Religion, Nature, Streetwise and Science if you’re Gladness Malach. Most of Streetwise relates to the Contacts skill however. Lore relates to pretty much all general knowledge, if your character has a particular specialised area of expertise than you can account for this using a stunt. Simply give yourself the stunt +2 to all Lore checks relating to whichever field you think suits best. This can be one of the D&D skills we know and love like Nature or Religion, or something new like Science or Politics)

Notice: Spotting who’s following you, find an exit, find something that might be useful in a fight. (Related D&D Skill Perception, but also check out Investigate)

Physique: Moving heavy things, smashing robust things, winning at arm wrestling. (Related D&D skills: Endurance and Athletics, check out Fate Athletics if you whant to do alot of running and jumping and such)

Provoke: Affecting others decisions, make them angry/horny/suicidal, all three if you like. (Related D&D skill Intimidate, can also be a bit of Diplomacy if you like to seduce/sweet talk people).

Rapport: Make people like or respect you. (Related D&D skill: Diplomacy)

Resources: How much money/physical assets does your character have. (No related D&D skill, worth thinking about if, as part of your back story, you have set up having a lot of money.)

Science: What you know and what you can do with anything that’s part of the Industrial Revolution.

Shoot: Shooting people in the face, (All ranged fighting)

Stealth: Being sneaky (Exactly the same skill as in D&D)

Will: Both being a smarty pants (puzzle solving) and better at resisting others attempts to control you, either with Arcana or Provoke. (In D&D this is most related to your Int score, However this skill in fate has a lot more significance, as you may find yourself fighting with words as often as you are with weapons. It is your only defense against that kind of combat, ignore it at your peril.)

D&D skills with no related fate skills: Dungeoneering (We have done a grand total of 1 dungeon in this entire campaign) and Heal (Healing in D&D and Fate are 2 very different animals)

Fate Skill List

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