The Obscuriatii

The name Obscuriatii was first mentioned by the dying Skyseer Nevard Sechim, and later turned up on a piece of paper which appeared in Sorvad’s pocket, written by Doctor Zambria while possessed by the creature Sijhen.

The Obsucuriatii are a conspiracy dealing, somehow, with the plane of Nem – and possibly more.

It has been difficult to find out anything concrete about the Obscurati but the Serious Crimes Unit belives it has been behind

The manufacture of Witch Oil
The creation of ileagal teleportation circles
The deaths of two of its own operatives Margaret Saxby and Reed Macbannin

Their main conference was recently disrupted by gunfire. Although the Old Man was killed, all other members of the group escaped.

Known Obscuriatii members include:
Mr Malach, Sr.
The Wine Drinking Man
The Old Man (deceased)
Braska Ravenhorn
Christopher Saax

The Obscuriatii

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